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This is a new community that we will be developing slowly and surely, therefore, we are all learining about it. This includes myself and my team and when we learn to change the coding behind, we will be developing an amazing secure community. 

This means that things may be sow, but we expect and are happy for you all to strat discussions, ask questions, post your videos and much more. 

Live Demonstration Leo Bonomo
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Hi all this is a series of videos of a live demonstration at the lovely Oxford house spiritual church. Please go to :-

The demonstration was on the 24th September 2015 and while the camera used would only take twenty minute "takes" of video the whole demonstration is "Live & unedited" this is the way I prefer it, warts and all.

I am grateful to Mark who I commandeered to film bless him.

Whilst this is live and unedited, the camera used cuts off at 20 minutes, so there is a slight delay as "Record" is started again but that is the only interruption.

Video 1 How I work - An explanation of why, and that I dont ask questions. And some readings.

As those who know me understand, I think all mediumship should be live on TV and by that I mean what is filmed is used. I have been in the studios myself (2010) being filmed in Germany for a mini series which was initially shown on Sky 133 channel.

All TV programmes are of course edited. Sometimes it is a twelve-hour day (That may surprise you) and what you end up with is a half hour episode.

Frankly, this leaves us open to sceptics. Let’s face it we all have off days! We are of course human and of course sometimes the recipients don’t always understand what is given. This I'm afraid comes with the territory.

Video 2. Readings continue.

However, I am a firm believer that if you know what is given is correct, that you can give a confirmation that the recipient can understand, then the point can be made.I always work in giving "information, confirmation, information, confirmation, information, confirmation," etc.

All mediums should, I believe, work live so that the way the evidence is given can be seen. So often it is the subtlety that can be lost in editing, the nuances of voice or mannerism that should accompany the message.

Therefore, what you see is what you get with this video. On occasions you will hear that a person doesn’t understand something but, with the confirmations that are given, finally it is understood. I am waiting on those who did not fully get what was given to get back to me especially the last reading.

Video 3. Readings continue.

This does I believe (I may be wrong) confound the sceptics remarks of "Cold reading" because if a person is in denial but then on subsequent evidence being given confirms that all is correct, shouldn't a "cold reading denial" be the end of the matter?

As mediums - and as I say in the demonstration, can and do mishear, misinterpret or just misunderstand what the communicator (Spirit)is giving. We are after all human as mentioned. We are not infallible.

Video 4 The end.

Do enjoy, much light, helping and love as always, Leo.

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The ASSMPI Community website is now live after much hard work by Jock Brocas and his team. It's difficult to be all things to all people, but it gets easier with lots of feedback from users! Once you're registered, approved and have verified your email, feel free to explore the site. Learn what you can do - experiment a little! Don't be afraid to break it - if something doesn't work, we need to know about it so we can fix it!

The site is designed to be as easy to use as possible so that each of us can make it our own - post our photos, videos, music, join and start discussions, message each other. You can even have your own blog here!The ASSMPI Community is just my cuppa tea!


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